Increased Visibility Proactive Leadership

Most leaders rely heavily on financial and operational metrics which yield important yet limited visibility into their organizations. Now, executives can gain a deeper understanding of what's behind the numbers. Leaderscape measures dynamic elements of the business, identifies predictable patterns and trends, and enables leaders to be more proactive, anticipate change, and ultimately make better decisions.

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Individual Perceptions
vs Collective Reality

Increased volatility and uncertainty is the new normal in today's continually changing organizations. Most leaders rely on their own intuition and judgment to develop strategies, make decisions and allocate resources. A more accurate, timely, and reliable depiction of collective reality is needed for leaders to navigate these complexities.

Shifting the focus from reactive
to proactive leadership

Leaderscape leverages proprietary methodology and technology to calibrate subtle dimensions of organizational performance. "Organizational Dynamics" represents the nervous system of the company. Leadership, communication, people and culture connects, integrates and drive business processes to produce financial results.

By leveraging the intelligence of the organization's stakeholder network, leaders can now see what is actually behind the numbers. This more comprehensive and accurate view of reality significantly increases the leader's ability to prioritize action, allocate resources, and make winning decisions.

We create value by adding predictive Organizational Dynamics to the Operations and the Financials.

Our Proprietary Methodology Generates an Accurate, Comprehensive Depiction of Current Reality

Leaderscape taps the intelligence of the stakeholder network through a unique discovery process combined with cutting-edge statistical analysis tools. The application aggregates dozens of drivers of value and risk into ten predictive indicators. The discerned patterns and trends are summarized into the Leaderscape Guidance Report.

Breakthrough Insights

The resulting comprehensive data output combined with expert analysis verifies many leadership assumptions while revealing some previously unidentified patterns and trends and leadership team "a ha's".

Your Baseline Report shows differences in perceived reality between leadership team and various stakeholder groups

The Gap Analysis highlights statistically relevant alignment gaps in and between stakeholder groups.

Provides forward-looking indicators of company trends and patterns, supplements existing operational and financial information resulting in more informed, proactive, and effective leadership decisions.

Your Top Values & Risk Drivers report reveals the top ten drivers of value and risk for the business.

This continuum plots a nuanced picture of the concentration of predictive indicators of value and risk.

Leaderscape captures the full picture of
your business landscape

Do you have clear visibility into the underlying forces driving your numbers? How much unrecognized value or hidden risk exists in your business? Is your leadership team making high-stake decisions with limited information and untested assumptions?

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